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Deborah Sundahl left us far too soon. It is now a year ago. She passed away after a battle with cancer on Tuesday 13 June 2023. The photo above is from June 2022 when Deborah visited me on the west coast in Sweden, in my birth town Falkenberg. She herself had relatives in Denmark. Still miss Deborah a lot and am still so grateful for her contribution to us women (and men) about the female prostate and our pleasure, through books and workshops as well as her patient work to encourage us to slow down and never let any research or anyone else decide what our bodies can do or what we can experience!
So wanted to honor her memory with a few words! 🥰

Deborah Sundahl was an international sex educator who specialized in teaching women and couples about the G-spot and female ejaculation. She was the leading expert and pioneer in this field. As an expert, she wrote the first groundbreaking book on female ejaculation in 2004, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot (revised 2014).

As pioneer, she made the very first video on this subject in 1993, How to Female Ejaculate, which, after describing the anatomical breakdown of how female ejaculation happens, then explicitly demonstrated it. This was at a time when very few people had heard about female ejaculation. As the first educational video on the topic, she also subsequently published several books on female ejaculation and taught the subject in in-person workshops around the world and online throughout her career.

Under the name Fanny Fatale, she, along with Myrna Elana, founded On Our Backs magazine in 1984, which published through 2006, although Deborah and her business partners sold the company in 1996. On Our Backs pioneered sex-positive feminism and defined the movement in the mid-’80s through the mid-’90s by publishing explicit photos and erotica.

Facts on The Female Prostate: In 2001, the G-spot was finally recognized as a functioning female anatomical organ, and was given the medical term: female prostate. See references below. This medical recognition ended the debate about the ‘Myth of the G-spot.‘ The G-Spot is real, and it works. All women have a prostate just as all men do. Therefore, all women can ejaculate. When stimulated, the prostate swells with prostatic fluid (ejaculate), and it’s surrounding erectile tissue fills with blood. The prostate and its supporting erectile tissue is the G-spot. Deborah Sundahl´s mission was to teach women and men how to awaken its sensations, and get its lovely feminine fountain flowing!


Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. John Perry and Dr. Alice Ladas for their scientific discoveries on the G-spot, specifically the muscles and nerves involved in the orgasm. These were published in their ground- breaking book: The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality (1982 Rinehart & Winston)

Dr. Milan Zaviacic for his 20-year cellular study of the female prostate published in his monograph: The Human Female Prostate: From Vestigial Skene’sParaurethral Glands and Ducts to Woman’s Functional Prostate (1999). His scientific discoveries were many, including the existence of female ejaculation as prostatic fluid.


Dr. Karl Stifter for first book published on female ejaculation (in German) The Third Dimension of Lust, and ultra sound studies of the female prostate 2007.

Youtube: Deborah Explains How to Find the G-spot


Finally, I want to share the text I wrote in connection with her passing:

Dear Deborah – The Passing of a Beautiful Soul,
It fills me with deep sadness to acknowledge that you have left us far too soon. Your passing has left a void that cannot be easily filled. As my dear friend, colleague, and mentor, you taught me so much and had an immeasurable impact on my life.

I remember reading your book back in 2010 when I was writing mine. Little did I know then that you were regularly traveling and teaching in Europe. When a friend recommended your workshops, I eagerly attended one in Germany in 2016. The experience was nothing short of remarkable. Exploring the erotic body, the female prostate, in such a precise, delicate, and profound way opened doors to even deeper experiences. You had a unique talent for guiding us through this journey.

Our paths crossed, and in 2017you held your first workshop in Stockholm. From then on, you visited us every year, including the Sexsibility festival in Ängsbacka. I had the privilege of assisting you in the Netherlands and Hungary adding pelvic floor awareness into the workshops. In Budapest I even conducted a two-day workshop on the Pelvic Floor on my own, thanks to you. It was an absolute pleasure to be around you, teaching and traveling together.

You were meticulous in everything you did, always seeking out the truth at its source. Your dedication and thoroughness were truly admirable. The knowledge you shared and the wisdom you imparted will forever be cherished. Especially about female ejaculation and the female prostate. Let it flow! – as you always said. I will do my best to to pass on your knowledge.

Deborah, you left us with so much more to give. It breaks my heart that you had to depart so early. Yet, I am eternally grateful to have been your friend and colleague. The time we spent together, the experiences we shared, and the joy of teaching side by side will always hold a special place in my heart.

May your journey beyond be filled with love, peace, and light. You will be deeply missed, but your legacy will continue to inspire and guide us.

With heartfelt love and fond memories,

Note: Deborah´s son Aaron set up a GoFundMe account in hopes of securing the money necessary to insure her legacy. Over the 40 years she was performer, producer, sex educator, teacher, and author, Deborah had a tremendous physical and spiritual impact on thousands of women and couples. Deborah’s work and relationships are unique and irreplicable.

The money raised through GoFundME will fund travel and legal expenses, making sure Deborah’s name continues to live on in the world: https://gofund.me/fadf72a3

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