Did you know this about your pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is an important part of our body. This is where you found yourself and find an inner security, wisdom and creativity. It is our center and where our sexual potential lives. Functioning muscles and genitals can generate a lot of energy. By opening up the the flow in the genitals, you get a constant source of joy, power and pleasure. When the energy is blocked in the pelvic floor, it inhibits the flow of energy throughout the body.

Tensions in the pelvic floor occur when muscles and connective tissue do not function properly. It becomes more difficult to hold tight when neuromuscular function is affected. When blood flow is impaired, sexual function can be disrupted. To tense muscles becomes weak over time. Chronically tense muscles eventually cause pain. The symptoms vary and many suffer in silence. Regardless of the cause, the release of blockages and tensions in the pelvic floor increases the well-being and awaken the area.

Pelvic floor function:

  • Is the floor for and supports the internal organs.
  • Is a passage for the urethra, genitals and rectum and for babies during birth.
  • Elastic and flexible muscles are important for sexual function.
  • Affects your posture and back.
  • Collaborates with your breath.

To know about the pelvic floor:

  • Consists of several layers and levels of diaphragms, muscles and connective tissues.
  • Disorders can affect anyone, both men and women, of all ages.
  • Many people find is difficult to train properly and do not know what muscles it is.
  • If you are tense or have overactive muscles, it can be worse from squeezing.
  • A muscle that is too these eventually becomes too weak.

Common reasons for imbalance:

  • Sits a lot, bad posture.
  • Stress, anxiety, shallow breathing.
  • Performance anxiety, responsibility, control.
  • Hold back, or push, ejaculation.
  • Trauma, sexual abuse.
  • Unawareness of the pelvic floor.
  • Pregnancy, hormones, menopause.

Symptom tense or weak pelvic floor:

  • Incontinence, prolapse.
  • Constipation or difficult to pee.
  • Decreased desire, difficult to get orgasm.
  • Early ejaculation, impotence.
  • ”Headache” in the pelvic floor.
  • Pain during intercourse, vaginismus.
  • Feeling uncomfortable, does not want to be in the body, difficult breathing down.
  • Stiffness in the back and legs.

Tao and pelvic floor:

  • Calls the muscle the Qi or orgasm muscle.
  • Lack of Qi flow in the pelvic floor weakens all functions of the body.
  • Can generate a lot of energy.
  • With the right training you can maintain vitality, lust and indugence.
  • Flexible muscles are the basis for circulating and lifting energy in the body.

Yoga and moola bandha (rot look):

  • When you activate the root lock, it is the pelvic floor muscles that you activate.
  • The root lock creates a seal that ensures that the life energy stays in the body.
  • The 1st and 2nd chackras are located in the pelvic floor. In eastern tradition, it is the root chakra (1st) at the bottom of the body that represents your spiritual potential.

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