Pelvic floor treatment

Pelvic floor awareness
This is a treatment to resolve tension in the pelvic floor muscles and other blockages in the pelvic floor area. When tension drop, the life force can take place again and flow more freely. Then you get a more conscious contact with your genitals and thus increase your ability to feel, relax and ground yourself.

It may be for you with symtoms such as vaginismus, pain during intercource, incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infections, pain or tension in the pelvic floor, birth defects, premature ejaculation, pain in the pelvic ploor. Or maybe you have lost touch with yourself, your body and your genitals. Maybe you have a hard time feeling pleasure and can not relax. Yo feel anxiety and stress in your body and can not find your way back to recovery and rest.

Conscious touch
This treatment is not about processing or fixing something, getting rid of or removing something, but rather about bringing awareness,acceptance and relaxation to the area and giving the body support to regain its vitality and thereby be able to heal itself. Conscious touch and presence are the foundation, with a focus on letting the healthy and autentic expand. The body wants to heal and enjoy, if you allow it.

Note: This is not a sensual massage, but focuses on resolving tensions and increacing body contact and awareness.

How does a treatment work?
A session includes convesation, facilitation and body treatment. Treatment can take place both externally and internally via the vagina or anus. You get direct feedback on whether your muscles are too tense or too weak as well as suggestions for practice. Time abour 1,5 hour. Both men and women are welcome. Read more about terms and prices here. If your want a longer individual program, read more here or contact me. Can be done online.

Located at Solrosen, Rapsgatan, T-Skanstull in Stockholm.
Regulary in Uppsala, Gothenburg and Skåne.
When teaching abroad I also give sessions.
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Relaxed and more flow

  • ”When I lift, I felt for the first time a very strong feeling that I actually have a gender. A strong physical experience.”
  • ”Wonderful, warm and undramatic. The feeling that this is the most natural thing in the world, which made me very relaxed.”
  • ”I have become aware that I tense my genitals when I get worried. When I release the tension in the pelvic floor, there is more flow and a feeling of freedom throughout the body.”
  • ”It was undramatic, very comfortable and relaxed. Nothing felt strange, embarrassing or difficult. I became even more excited to be a woman and to explore my body more and enjoy it.”
Comments after treatment

Connection, energy and healing

  • ”The treatments where performed exactly with such respect that the genitals want to be treated. And getting in touch with muscles in this way I think is very healing. Now I can listen to my genitals with the utmost respect. Could not get better treatment, professional, soft, knowledgeable and empathetic.”
  • “I experience a stronger contact with my entire pelvis. I can now feel which muscles I can squeeze and thus reach a deeper relaxation. When I let my consciousness come down to the genital area, I can feel that a lot of energy begins to circulate in the body. I have gained more energy and an increased feeling of security in my own body, and also an increased feelingof security and contact with our earth.”

Comments after treatment

Dry mucous membranes
“As 50-plus, I have some problems with my genitals, which complicate the sex life; dry mucous membranes and occasionally tense muscles. I have been detemined in my efforts to rectify the problem. Did not feel that I recieved relevant help from gynecology so I chose to try Irene´s treatment. It was an educational and rewarding experience. For example, I had no idea that we women had a prostate. I realized that I was not paying attention to my genitals, and thanks to Irene´s help, I steered my focu there. It´s a key and I´m now becoming more aware of my genitals, which is aout time! And it crates healing.

Was a little nervous before the first treatment, but Irene was milder and more empatehetic tha any gynecologist I have visited over the years. With all her knowledge, combined with respect and sensitivity to my limits, she stretched the muscles, which gave a great feeling of ”lightness”. After foru treatments, I am much more ”connected” to my pelvis and genitals and more relaxed in the muscles.”

Sissi, 54 year

Chronic pelvic pain
”Just over two years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. I had pain in the pelvic floor and felt tenderness in the genitals and int the surrounding area. At first I had some catastrophic thoughts. I had problems for about 6 months when I was diagnosed and have tried different types of medical treatments such as antibiotics. I have also worked with body theraphy to deal with the problems in different ways. Gradually the discomfort decreased somewhat, but I had not been able to become symptom-free.

A year ago I started with pelvic floor release with Irene. Over the past year, I have become aware of and learned to make contact with my pelvic floor, actually consists of three different layers. With the help of different techniques I can now relax better, but I have also learned to use and move the muscles in order to regain a more normal function.

Over the past year, I have learned that I can handle the tensions directly in the moment with willpower. It´s new tom e and feels like a great relief. I am still not compleately symptom-free, but I feel much better both physically and mentally. I am strengthened by knowing that it is actually possible to influence how my pelvic floor muscles feels”.


Mathias, 46 year, april 2019

Is something wrong if i don´t have a sex drive?
“I have not had sex for a super long time and heve not even wanted to have it either. I had long thought that there was something wrong with me and my genitals that not have any sex drive. Irene de-dramatized by saying that it´s okay not to want sex, that there may be periods in one´s life when is´t so and it´s ok. It felt good to hear when I experience that it is an incitement that you havet o have sex to be a sucessful person.

I was not as tense as i thought and I got more insight into how my vagina works, what it looks like, what the different ”things” are. That there are three muscles and how I can train them.

After the first treatment (of two) and squeezing exercises and breathing exercises, a kind of desire began to be aroused and I can now experience that I can relax in the pelvic area.
Thinking that the genitals are the source of life force makes it more interesting to take care of it. Even if I do not have sex, that is where my power to life is born. And who knows, maybe I will meet someone I want to be sexually crative with.

Irene has a calm and comfortable way of being. She tells objectively what she does, what she should do. Amazing present hands. I felt safe and confident.

Yes, I would recommend this treatment to others. If nothing else, to find out how your genitals work.”

Anna, 45 year

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