Squirting orgasms in Rwanda
I first met Jessica Påfs, a researcher at the University of Gothenburg in Sexual Health, in 2019 when she gave a lecture on female ejaculation before the documentary film “Sacred Water”. The film is about women in Rwanda who are interested in their “squirting orgasm”. Jessica became interested in female ejaculation while working on maternal health in Rwanda. She discovered that many were hesitant about taking birth control pills because they suspected that it could negatively affect their ability to ejaculate, which was seen as something positive and both important and natural there. Read more about the film in my blog about the UFO debate!

First Swedish study on female ejaculation
Påfs has now conducted the first Swedish study on female ejaculation, which is fantastic! When I was at Karolinska several years ago and interviewed Olle Johansson, I learned that in his corridors, the phenomenon is called the UFO debate, hence the name of the aforementioned blog. Jessica confirms that female ejaculation is still a controversial topic.

In the study, she interviewed 28 women in depth. All had experienced a “fountain orgasm”. But the experience had given rise to different feelings: pride, shame, or wonder. She concluded that more knowledge is needed as well as increased understanding that this is a natural part of women’s sexuality. I’m really looking forward to further studies!

Tao and “the three holy waters”
Jessica contacted me because she wanted to know more about Tao and what “the three holy waters” mean. Tao suggests that we have three different orgasmic flows. She heard about me because several of the women she interviewed knew Deborah Sundahl, my colleague and author of the book “Female ejaculation & the G-Spot”, which contains much of the research that has already been done on the subject. Deborah and I had courses and webinars together regularly.

It was incredibly exciting and fun to share thoughts and experiences with Jessica. I’ll tell you more later!

Here is the link to the full study:
A sexual superpower or a shame? Women´s diverging experiences of squirting/female ejaculation in Sweden

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