Tips for a better sexlife
Have you also noticed that many suggestions on how we can have a better love-life do not work in the long run? Tips, not the least in media, for a more pleasurable sex life are often about things we have to do out there, new places, new positions or new sex toys or pills and creams. Many people watch porn for inspiration. All this can of cource give a kick in the moment, but then? Are you one of us who still thinks that there must be something more to discover when it come sto sex? Do you long for deeper meetings and more pleasure? And wonder how to get there?

The only way out is in
The easiest way to speed up the spark is to communicate and tell each other what you long for and then try different ways to get there. It sounds simple, but if I do not know what it is then? To find out what your long for, what you need to turn your attention inward and practice listening to the body and to the longing of your soul and heart. When you feel your body and it becomes more receptive, it opens up and you can begin to be more intimate with yourself. The body will tell you it´s secrets. Imagine what joy and attraction you would have if you felt at home in your own body. If you had an obvious self-worth and mastered your orgasm.

Find your source
The crux is often that you do not have the patience to give this process the time it takes. Everything should go so fast today. We let ourselves be distracted by different things most of the time, the computer, the mobile phone, podcasts etc. Nothing wrong in itself, but if you only focus on things outside of yourself, you lose contact with the body and will be drained of your life energy. It´s time to start finding out what your heart really longs for and give yourself time to find the source of your live energy and pleasure.

3 keys to find the way to more pleasure:
* Reflect on nature. Take walks and let nature guide you. Immerse yourself in Mother Earth. Take in the sun´s radiant power. Open yourself and the mind to the forces of the universe, be receptive and listen to the wisdom. Remember that we all are part of something bigger then ourselves.
* Give yourself time every day where you turn your focus inward (if only for 5 min). Practice your mind to be present in the body. Feel, listen, look inside, pay attention to inner sensations. Follow the breath all the way in and toch your self from the inside.
* Set the energy in motion. Dance, move, swing your hips. Find what moves that gives you the most joy and pleasure.

I whish you a pleasant journey!
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What is your experiences or thoughts about going inside and finding new ways? Comment below or contact me if you have any questions:


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