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Grounding and stability in life
When you can relax the pelvic floor and use your muscles more consciously, you will be more present in your life experience and more confident in yourself. When blood circulation and energy flow increases, you fell more and all its functions become better. The pelvic floor holds your spiritual and sexual potential. This applies to both men and women.

Why does the pelvic floor become weakened or too tense?
Most of us have done or been exposed to something we did not want that filled us with shame. Then we have a tendency to abandon ourselves and our body to protect ourselves from the unpleasant feeling. Stress and anxiety or the feeling of not being enough means that all the energy goes up into the throat. It is becoming incerasingly difficult to find rest and recovery in the body and stress hormones also have a negative effect on our sex hormones.
Perfomance, demands in bed, such as women´s attempt to force an orgasm or men´s attempt to restrain ejaculation, can also create too tense muscles.
Other causes can be pregnancy, birth defects, menopause, discomfort, lifestyle, poor unhealthy relationship, obesity, unconsciousness, bad habits, stress, poor posture, sedentary lifetyle. Chronic tension can cause ”headaches” in the pelvic floor or pain during intercource. It can also be previous trauma or abuse that has left its mark.

Can squeezing exercises help?
Yes, you can strengthen your pelvic floor, and it is possible to learn how to relax your muscles. However, studies have shown that many do not know what muscles it is, can not squeeze properly and are not at all in contact with their pelvic floor. But with the right feedback and practices, basically everyone can learn this. When you counscously make contact with your muscles, you can increase their flexibility, strength and endurance. The more fit the muscle the better support. The good news is that regardless of the reason for the tension, your well-being and sexual health will increase if you train the pelvic floor.

Women often experience a deep feeling of joy and love when the pelvic floor relaxes and the sex is awakened to its full potential. Reclaiming the ability to orgasm gives a strong feeling of satisfaction. Self-love and gratitude for one´s own body usually came in naturally.

As men begin to relax and use their muscles more counsciously, they can begin to build their orgasmic energy in relaxation and thus enjoy more. It has been shown that pelvic floor training can increase men´s endurance in the love-making.

Pelvic Floor Awareness Online Course

Workshops 2023

Pelvic Floor Gym

A workout for you who want to soften and strengthen your pevic muscles. When you can relax the pelvic floor and use your muscles more consciously, you will be more present in your life experience and more confident in yourself. Also your sexual function will improve.

Detaljer och innehåll

When the blood circulation and energy flow increases, you feel more and all its functions become better. This apply to bothe men and women. Come and exercise your fpelvic floor.


  • Practical physical exercises
  • Squeezing-exercises
  • Meditation

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Your guide for this evening is me, Irene Andersson, author, workshopleader and teacher in Taoist sexology and pelvic floor awareness with over 25 years of experience. I combine modern resesarch with wisdom from different eastern traditions that have a holistic view. My insights i have collected in my books ”Create Health with Your Sexual Energy: The Tao Approach to Women´s Well-Being” and ”Create Health with Your Sexual Energy: The Tao Approach to Men´s Well-Being”.

Kurstillfällen 2023

: kl 18.00 – 19.15 Pelvic Floor Gym: in ENGLISH. We meet on Zoom.
200 sek/20 €/23 $/17 £.
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Courses 2023


Confused – but on a higher level
I got an insight into my own pelvic floor for the first time for real. An understanding of the ”construction” and tools to discover more. Nuanced contact with ”new” muscles and an insight that I can squeeze in several different ways.

It was a very good mix of concrete theory, practical exercises and meditative elements. For me, the evening had a physical focus. As a kind of workout. I realize that it is largely due tom e and my experiences, but now in retrospect I may feel I lack the connection to sexuality. Purpose, function, application. Even though sexuality was always a part of the subject, the exercises became a kind of stretching. I see that I have easy access to physical exercise but have some problems with sexuality. So still confused, but on a higher level, you could say.

Testimonial WS Free your pelvic floor!

Calle, Stockholm

Deep physical awareness
Learning about the deepest muscles in theory and practice took me into my pelvic area in a new way, as I have not focused on them consciously before, altough I do work as a somatical sexual therapist.

I learned to focus and to be aware of my pelvic area in a new kind of physical way. With your guidence and exercises I was able to “lower” myself or to make myself sink down a bit. I learned how to focus my breath to reach these areas, the complexity of the three layers of the  muscles an the four quadrants of the pelvic floor. It is still a WOW for me how we can effect the pelvic and the whole fascia as well as relax the inner muscles threw the vagina.

I am deeply impressed. Your objective integrated knowledge is incredible for me, and it made me feel very safe.
Thank you!
Testimonial 2-day cource in Budapest!

Anita, Hungary

The energy wakes up
Got a whole new insight into how my pelvic floor looks and works. I think I can squeeze better and feel that it is very basic to do the exercises. Li,e the energy wakes up and it becomes ”more fun” to be there. The squeezing exercise where we squeeze more sensually is very pleasant and energizing. As if the contact leads to a wonderful feeling growing from my deepest place. Is clearly more aware of my abdomen and how it feels. Inspiring in many ways, wanting more and also teaching me Tao and how I can take advantage of al this energy that seems to be within me!

Berit, 39 year, Stockholm

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