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Tao and the foundation for sexual health
Tao and Qigong have long been my biggest source of inspiration. It has always given me a reliable place for recovery, joy and exploration. Here I offer Taoist sexual qigong training that provides knowledge and tools to strengthen your vitality, as well as more exploratory courses of your erotic potential. For both men and women.

Over the years, I have also percieved a fairly large confusion regarding the woman´s anatomy and erotic zones and flows. Therefore, it is my mission to enlighten about this, not least because Tao emphasizes the importance of understanding our body in order to understand ourselves. The view of the man´s sexuality and potential is also redy for an update.

At home in your own body
All healthy relationships begin with a healthy relationship with yourself. With Tao, you get exercises that help you turn your focus inward, found yourself in your body and become more intimate with yourself. You will learn how to awaken and guide your sexual energy. Imagine what joy and attraction you would have if you felt at home in your own body. If you had and obvious self-woth and mastered your orgasm.

In a relaxed body, it is easy for the mind to become still. It is suprising how much energy can arise out of stillness. It is within us that the answers lie. The power of the exercises has constantly surprised and repeated and I myself have experienced tha magic of healing in my own body several times.

For who?
My courses and lectures are aimed at you who are ready t broaden your view of sex, desire and pleasure. How do we work, what is possible, how do we do it? I combine western research on our bodies and the anatomy of orgasm with Taoist wisdom and other thought traditions with an holistic view.

You get a good foundation to start from, whether you want to contunue with more ”challengeing” courses in sexuality or just want to continue exploring yourself. Or you may have already taken several courses, but want to deepen the relationship with your body and become more receptive to your more subtle energies.

My books ar now translated to English:
Create Health with Your Sexual Energy: The Tao Approach to Women´s Well-BeingCreate Health with Your Sexual Energy: The Tao Approach to Men´s Well-Being.

Workshops 2020

Kurser 2020

EDUCATION - Teacher Training in Sexual Health with Tao!

Do you want to contribute to increased sexual awareness and health?
One-year training starts feb 2021.


Being able to be with myself
Thank you for a fantastic course. I think it was very nocely laid out with a good blance between theory, sharing and practice. The most important thing for me that happend was that I now remembered how it feels to go inside myself and be with myself. Have had far too much focus on the outside but now I hvae taken it upon myself to be inside my body again.

Marianne, 54 year

The power from my innermost being
A reminder that everything is within me and that life can be even more magical then, and I draw strength from my innermost femininity.

Carina, 60 year

Spritual experience of the body´s possibilities
Taking this course (weekend) was a great experience for me. I especially liked the exercises when, with the help of our mind, we contacted the body´s various gland´s, from the ovaries to the pineal gland. It somehow become a spiritual ecperiecne of the body´s fantastic possibilites, a journey where each area ha dits very own quality that I could feel. That exercise is my favourite and makes me really calm insid, which is nice because I am a worried soul. The practice strengthen life energy and have helped me counteract depression as well. Thank You!

Ann, 42 year

More present and honeset
Taking part in this knowledge and Taoist practise has been very rewarding for me. The greatest gift and benefit in my life has been that I have learned to observe what is happning inside of myself, such as thoughts and feelings. A strong feeling of being beyond time and space, but at the same time a lot here and now. Through the training I can build my energy and found myself in the lower abdomen, Dan Tian. Also be able to base my spiritual training better. Feeling much more at home and probably in myself. It has also affected my relationships in a positive way, especially with women, as I can be more honsest and present.

Anders, 34 year

New dimension to the love-making
I have long been interested in the Taoist sexual practice and wanted to learn more abut male sexuality. I have benefited greatly from the foundation, it provides stability and presence, even in the emotions, and it has deepened the feeling of colocesess and given a new dimension in the love-making. It feels like I get a lot of energy and can sty healthy. I do the exercises almost every day, the small circulation and the tree, but also the sexual practise, alone or with a partner. My attitude to sex has changed and broadened. We men are sometimes percieved as single-track. I believe that bascically everyone has the same needs, we just deal with it slightly different and express it an communicate different. The relationship is about respect, tolerance and communication. Stefan, 66 year

Stefan, 66 year

Confidence in the body´s language
Ia have since long been intrested in the Taoist sexual practise and it felt good to be in a group only with women. Got with me an exercise that was good for my back. Has for some time had problems with my lumbar spine and tense pelvic floor. Alos liked the squeezing exercises we learned, with the aim to pull the sexual energy upward into the body. Also works well when I make love with my husband. The enrgy goes where the thought goes and I have really seen evidence of that during this cource. During the small circulation I felt how the energy really radiated and others saw it too. Another thing is that performance requirements have decreased when it comes to sex. I trust the body´s knowledge and let what happens happen.

Eva, 54 year

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