New Education:
Pelvic Floor Awareness –
Treatment & Practice!

am thrilled to announce the launch of an education program where you will learn the art of Pelvic Floor Treatments & Practice.

Starting with modul 1: 1-3/12 2023 in Stockholm.
In total it will be 3 moduls/weekends and then certification.

It is a further education for women who are bodyworkers and interested in sexuality, body and therapies in some ways.

It is open to English speakers, and the teaching is then in English.

For you who wants to:
* Increase your skills in treating and helping women and men with blocks in their pelvis
* Explore the anatomy of the pelvis
* Learn basic practice & exercises
* Help otehrs with sexual care & health
* Touch with presence & love

Date: 1-3/12 2023
Time: fri 18.00 – 21.00, sat-sun 10.00 – 17.00
Cost: Every modul is: 4.900 Sek (Early Bird 10% before 1/11).
Dates for the spring and more info will come soon./Irene

Next Free Introduction 23/10 och 6/11 2023
via Zoom at 19.00 – 20.00

Register here!

”Let the body become the place for recovery, joy and life enegy it is ment to be! 

More info or apply mail Irene:

Link to a shorter videointroduction on youtube 14 min!


A little about my background
Since the early ’90s, my journey as a massage therapist has led me through a labyrinth of holistic practices and alternative therapies. With each step, my passion for the human body deepened, my trust in the bodys own helaing ability increased, and my expertise grew. It’s been an incredible voyage, exploring various modalities while also delving into the profound realm of Taoist sexual practices through qigong. Throughout this journey, one thing became abundantly clear: The pelvic floor is a vital cornerstone of well-being and sexual health.

Tao´s treasure
The Tao, with its rich treasure of exercises and wisdom, unveils the secret to maintaining vibrant physical health and a sexual vitality throughout one’s life. My quest for knowledge didn’t stop there; I immersed myself in karasai treatment, tantra, shamanic healing, de-armoring, quodoushka and more. I became an anatomy enthusiast and wanted to understand more of the human body, especially the pelvic area, even if it’s ways of healing has stayed a mystery. But I’ve realized the tremendous empowerment that knowledge can bring. The Tao itself teaches that the more we comprehend, the more effectively we can take action.

Unique approach
My approach to pelvic floor education is unique. It comes from a desire to expand and explore the human experience to its greater potential, rather than a”problem-focused” perspective. But of course it includes treat various ”symtoms and issues”.
I sought a treatment for the pelvic floor that was grounded in awareness and authentic connection rather than solely focused on energy and pleasure. I firmly believe in a neutral, accepting and attentive approach to the pelvic area, as it houses our most precious and powerful energy. When combined with maintaining adrenal freshness (read: stress-free living), it unlocks a boundless reserve of life force energy.

A clear method
My quest led me to Anne-Marie in Amsterdam, a physiotherapist and luminary in the field of pelvic floor treatment with many decades of experience dedicated exclusively to pelvic floor therapy in both men and women. Her approach embodied everything I had been searching for: respect, care, love, and a clear and concrete methodology. It was a revelation!

For many years I have been providing pelvic floor awareness treatments and practice. Now, it’s time to share this knowledge and expertise with you.

So warmly welcome on the Free Intro 23/10, 6/11 2023 or mail me to get more info or show interest:          

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