Become a Tao instuctor in Sexual Health 2021

Note: This education will be in swedish. If you are interested in an training in english let me know!

Now it is finally time to train instructors in these uplifting Taoist exercises. One-year teacher training for women who want to educate themselves in Sexual Health with Tao starts Feb 2020.

For those who are ready to:

* participate in and contribute to increased sexual awareness and health.
* teach Taoist qigong exercises to harness the sex energy.
* promote a more affectionate approach to our bodies.
* disseminate knowledge about how we work, about erotic zones and flows.
* Understand how sexual energy can be used to increase your life force.
* Explore subtle energies within you and become more intimate with yourself.

The training is aimed at those who teach some form of physical exercise or work with the body, but naturally want to be able to include the sexual aspect. Or to those who really want to deepen your own relationship with your body and erotic potential. However, it is good if you have previous experience of any personal development, body therapy, yoga, tantra, qigong or the like.

Your leadership in this training is based on your own experience and experience. You are expected to work out regularly and perform exercises between the sessions during the year. You can best teach what you have integrated yourself.

The keys to both health and pleasure is within you!
Free intro coming up!

”Let the body become the place of recovery and wisdom it is ment to be”

Instructor’s Training Program

* Kick-off 1 day – get to know each other, course plans, intentions
* 5 modules in 3 days (Friday – Sunday) – with different themes
* 5 webinars – for inspiration, feedback and questions
* 2 hours of individual guidance

The training includes 125 teacher-led hours and 2 hours of individual guidance. Starts in February 2020 with kick-off and 2 hits in the spring and 3 hits in the fall. Examination in December. Maximum 12 participants.


Date for 2021 coming up soon.



For registration forms and full programs, contact Irene.

Excerpt Contents:

Woman’s Tao and Man’s Tao
Wake up, guide and cultivate Qi / energy
Sexual qigong – Taoist sexology
Anatomy and erotic zones and flows
Prostate, yoni & womb awakening & meditation
Pelvic floor training, stone eggs
Psoas, core, abdominal brain
Glands and hormonal balance
Care of our more vital parts
Body awareness, grounding
Healing magic, healing, recovery
Taoist theory, principles, methods
Physical exercises and guided meditations
Pedagogy-How to teach?

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