Do you want to experience a richer sex life, increased desire and pleasure?
By learnin to relax the pelvic floor and use your muscles more consciously, you increase your chances for increased vitality and joy of life. This applies to both men and women. The Qi muscle, or orgasm muscle, as Tao also calls our pelvic floor muscles, is very important to practice, for both flexibility and relaxation. Both too tense and too weak can create imbalances and affect sexual function.

Why does the pelvic floor become unbalanced?
Stess is a common cause and makes us unconscious and all the energy goes up into the throat. Worry about not having enough and not having time makes us lose contact with the body. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find rest and recovery. Stress hormones also have a very negative effect on our sex hormones. Performance requirements and attempts to force an orgasm for women or hold back ejaculation for men are common reasons. Other causes are menopause, obesity, malaise, pregnancy, give birth, poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle.

It can also be previous trauma or abuse that has left its mark. Most of us have done, or been exposed to something we did not want or reprimanded in a way that filled us with shame. Then we have a tendency to abandon ourselves and the body to protect ourselves from the unpleasant feeling.

Can squeezing exercises help?
There is ample evidence that pelvic floor exercises pay off. Muscle strength is fresh and can quickly be trained if you do it properly and regularly. I was at the International Continence Societies (ICS) annual meeting i September 2019, where all world leaders in incontinence meet and share the latest research and experiences. They are surgeons, gynecologists, urologists and physiotherapists. For me, of cource, the physiotherapists´ evidence-based reserach was most interensting. So yes, it is possible to strenghten your pelvic floor. It is both proven and implemented worldwide. They also said that some need to ”downtrain”. Many are too tense and have learned to constantly hold their stomachs. It negatively affect the pelvic floor. Try to pull your stomach in yourself and feel what happens? When you know what muscles they are and how you can use them well you can start to develop more awareness. Both sensitivity and flexibility increase. It gives a feeling of coming home to security and trust. It means to be grounded in one´s own body and a natural self-esteem take place.

Women often experience a deep sense of joy and love when the pelvis is awakened to its full potential. Reclaiming the ability to orgasm fives a strong feeling of satisfaction. Self-love and gratitude fore one´s own body usually come in handy. Proper squeezing can prevent incontinence and prolapse as well as support sexual function and pleasure.

As men begin to relax and use their muscles more counsciously, they can begin to build their orgasmic energy and thus enjoy more. It has also been shown that pelvic floor training can increase men´s endurance in the love-making. Many men are very tense and need to learn to let go and relax. Then the blood circulation increases and more flow and feeling support sexual function and pleasure. It can also help your prostate to feel better.

The pelvic floor consists of a group of muscles, in different layers and levels. They form a ”floor” and goes from the tail bone to the pubic bone, and parts is attaced in the sitting bones. Many people are not aware of the condition of their pelvic floor and how important they are for health, well-being and sexual potential.

Surveys have shown:
9 out of 10 women have tension in the pelvis.
20-30% of women have never had or rarely have an orgasm.
17 % of men suffer from disturbed or non-existent erection.
10 % of men have problem with premature ejaculation.
10 % of men suffer from prostatitis at some point.
90 % are non bacterial, so-called chronic pelvic pain, which often is due to tense pelvic floor muscles.

Test your status on the Qi muscle
Both men an women:
Can you stop the jet by squeezing when you pee? If not, they may be wakened, or you don´t do it right.

Test for women:
Finger test: Raise a finger a little up in the vagina. Use oil or lubricant if necessary. Squeeze your finger with your muscles and judge how it feels?

Can not squeeze around the finger = weak
Can squeeze around the finger = resilient
Can not enter, or difficulties = tense

Test for men:
Check in a mirror that the base of the penis moves up towards the stomach and that the scrotum rises when you squeeze. Otherwise they may be weak.

The fact that your muscles feel weak can also be due to ignorance or unawareness about how to use your muscles. Then it´s about learning to get hold of them. Here comes an excercises.

Easy squeezing exercise for strenght and relaxation:
* Start by breathing down into your center behind and below the navel. Fill your entire center, feeling that breath reaches all the way to the lower back. Be present in the body and then focus your attention on the pelvic floor.
* Then squeeze 5 seconds and relax 5 seconds (the relaxation is as important). Do 10 squeez 3 times a day. Increase the number gradually.
Try different focus when squeeze: on the vagina/penis root and then the anus. In both cases imagine you draw energy up into the body.

Goal 30 squeeze per session a day five days a week until you are strong. Then you can continue with perseverance, awareness and sensitivity training as well.

Hope this has inspired and motivated you to move on.
Good luck with your pelvic floor practice.

You can read much more about the pelvic floor practice in my books:
Create Health with Your Sexual Energy:
The Tao Approach to Women´s Well-Being &
The Tao Approach to Men´s Well-Being

What is your experiences or thoughts about pelvic floor practice?
Comment below or contact me if you have any questions:

Some comments from women who have trained their pelvic floor with squeezing exercises and/or jade egg training.

* I had not had sex for many years, neither with myself or anyone else. Started with squeezing and then jade egg. And, wow, I did not know that it could feel like this and that I had som much energy in my lower regions!
* I have been using my jade egg for almost a year and I am fascinated by how my yoni ”Awakened”. I am more receptive, relaxed and accepting of what i encounter in life.
* Exercising regularly has devenately increased my orgasmic potential and med me more curious about the pelvic floor area. I´m pretty sure it also benefited my immune system and helped me reduce fungus in my genitals.

Comments from men:
* I got an insight into my own pelvic floor for the first time for real. An understanding of the ”construction” more nuanced contact with ”new” muscles and an insight that I can squeeze in several different ways.
* With the help of techniques I can now relax better, but I also learned to use and move the muscles in order to regain a more normal function. Over the past year, I have learned that I can handle the tensions directly in the moment with willpower. It´s new to me and feels like a relief.


Sedan kan du börja träna uthållighet, medvetenhet och känslighet!

Hoppas detta har inspirerat och Lycka till med Din träning!

Några kommentarer från kvinnor som tränat sin bäckenbotten med knip och/eller jadeägg:
* Jag hade inte haft sex på många år, varken med mig själv eller någon annan. Började med knipövningar och sedan jadeägg träning. Och ojojoj, inte visste jag att det kunde kännas såhär och att jag hade så mycket energi i de nedre regionerna! :-)
* Jag har använt mitt jadeägg i snart ett år och jag är fascinerad över hur min yoni har ”vaknat”. Är mer intuitiv, avslappnad och accepterande till det jag möter i livet.
* Att träna regelbundet har definitivt ökat min orgasmiska potential och gjort mig mer nyfiken på området i bäckenbotten. Är ganska säker på att det även gynnat mitt immunförsvar och hjälpt mig minska svamp i underlivet.
Kommentarer från män:
* Jag fick en inblick i min egen bäckenbotten för första gången på riktigt. En förståelse för ”konstruktionen” mer nyanserad kontakt med ”nya” muskler och en insikt om att jag kan knipa på flera olika sätt.
* Med hjälp av olika tekniker kan jag nu slappna av bättre, men jag har också lärt mig att använda/röra på musklerna för att på så sätt återfå en mer normal funktion. Jag har under det senaste året lärt mig att jag kan hantera spänningarna direkt i stunden med viljekraft. Det är nytt för mig och känns som en stor lättnad.

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