Facts about Tao – Sexual Qigong

Taoism is thousands of years old and developed in China. Lao Tzu is usually regarded as its founder and wrote the philosophical script Tao Te Ching (The Way and the Classics of Virtues). Tao, which means the way, speaks of a natural living in harmony with nature and a universe in constant change. By trying wisdom and applying its principles, methods and exercises were created for a more balanced life. Taoism is the philosophy behind the Qigong exercises.

Qigong is a collective name for thousands of different forms of exercises and meditations. I teach several different forms of qigong and here I focus on the variant that includes the sexual energy. Tao masters in China came to realize that the orgasmic power could be utilized and used for health and development. The exercises are sometimes called sexual qigong and the thoughts behind Taoist sexology. Qi means life force and gong training.

You can guide the energy
In Taoist philosophy describes our sexuality as a neutral and obvious source of life force. Exercise involves opening up to that flow by releasing tension and relaxing in the body. The next step is to be able to focus inward, feel and guide the energy. You can direct energy into the body by directing your attention and breath to different body parts, such as down to the pelvic floor and up the spine. Letting orgasm energy vibrate up the spine is very uplifting and striking for both body and soul. So it’s all about being consciously present in your body. In this way, an inner receptivity will come and I can lock the energy of life and even the orgasm come to you, I set to chase it in a perpetual search in the outer. The keys to your enjoyment are within you!

Your sexuality belongs to you
It is your birthright to feel pleasure and experience orgasm. Sex is a neutral force and has nothing to do with guilt and shame. It is the imprint of our culture. You can liberate your sexual energy from your personal and culturally valued values. A first step is to look at it in a new way, as in Taoist sexology, and free it from perceptions that prevent you from expressing yourself naturally. Your sexual energy is a gift, a power that we have access to if we allow it. Everyone can “exercise” their erotic potential and increase their ability to enjoy. Cultivating your sexuality is a conscious choice. Unfortunately it is not that we only wake up one day so it is there and everything works perfectly. Just like so much else, it is knowledge and training that gives skill!

Yin and yang – opposite forces
Two well-known concepts from Taoist philosophy are yin and yang. All people have both yin and yang inside. It is reflected in our brain halves where the right is more linked to a creative (yin, feminine, receptive, being) thinking while the left is more logical (yang, masculine, active, doing) thinking. Gender is determined by whether you have a male or female body, while feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energy relate to different characteristics. The important thing is to create balance, both within you and the world. A society in which logical thinking and the exterior are favored and the magical inner dimensions dimmed are at risk of becoming insensitive to the feminine and the more mysterious. Examples of this are when soft values ​​such as care for nature and life are downgraded, and to disregard the body’s own healing ability.

The three treasures of life energy
We are born with a certain amount of basic life energy. Our heritage is complemented by the energy we get through good food, the air we breathe, rest and exercise. At the same time, you have an abundance of innate sexual energy. It is the power you can harness and refine in sexual qigong. Part of the purpose of the training is described as transforming: Jing (sexual energy) to Qi (life energy) and Qi in turn to Shen (mental power or expanded consciousness). They are all aspects of the same thing and transformation takes place in different parts of the body and by building, guiding and circulating energy in the body.


Presence of pelvic floor
Taoist training develops your inner strength and gives you a stable body. The more stable the body, the more energy you can handle. Your founding and presence in the pelvic floor plays a big role. The more relaxation the more flow. You will notice this if you exercise regularly. You can also learn how to build the orgasm in relaxation rather than in tension. Conscious breathing and grounding in the pelvic floor and body provide a stable presence. Furthermore, if you guide the energy in and out of the body, you are constantly filling up your energy account.

Healing magic
All theories and views of life offer different perspectives on who you are and what you can do to develop. But they are just that, just maps, albeit very useful. The important thing is your experience and presence in your own body. All knowledge must be tested to be real. Therefore, it is important to be able to listen inward. If you always search outside yourself you will not notice your real needs. In the mystical union between body and soul, at the point where breathing, physical and consciousness meet, there can be healing magic.


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